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advisory board for professional development and public engagement

Cody Ferguson, Fort Lewis College, Chair

Lincoln Bramwell, USDA Forest Service

Kate Christen, Smithsonian Institution

Joe Cialdella, University of Michigan

Fritz Davis, Purdue University

Emily Greenwald, Historical Research Associates

Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, Kansas State

Mark Madison, US Fish and Wildlife Service

Kieko Matteson, University of Hawaii

Lisa Meoli, Floyd|Snider, Seattle

Heather Lee Miller, Historical Research Associates, Inc.-Seattle

Cindy Ott, St. Louis University

James Pritchard, Iowa State University

Marty Reuss, retired US Army Corps of Engineers; public history consultant

Melissa Wiedenfeld, E3 Federal

Members of the Advisory Board and ad hoc Committee on Political Engagement:

Keith Woodhouse, Northwestern University, Chair

Mica Jorgenson McMaster University, Canada

Sarah Hamilton, Auburn University

Clarence (Jeff) Hall, Queensborough Community College, CUNY

Lisa Mighetto [ex officio member of Advisory Board]

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