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American Conservation Film Festival

Environmental Film Festival [partner for ASEH's 2015 conference]

Environmental Film Festival Network

Tales From Planet Earth [partner for ASEH's 2012 conference]

Good Docs [engaging and educating through the power of documentary]


The April 2007 issue of our journal Environmental History is devoted to films.

Trinley Pictures, an independent production company, has completed a new season of the Notes from the Field environmental history series. The six 2-minute vignettes were distributed in November to public television stations nationally. The programs are available, free of cost, for educational use. The newest six episodes address John James Audubon, Caribbean Colonization, Carolina Gold (rice production), Levittown, Urban Forests, and Prescribed Fires.

Consultants on the films are Kathleen Brosnan, ASEH president, and Jerry Adelmann, President and CEO of Openlands. These six new films can be viewed at: Earlier episodes are found at

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