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environmental history websites

AHA - Teaching Environmental History in US and World History Surveys:

Learning to Do Historical Research:

A Primer for Environmental Historians and Others

Environmental History: Explore the Field

Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

Environmental Policies Watch

History and Sustainability
Research and Resources for Environmental History and Education for Sustainable Development.
 A new website and project on the theme of 'History and Sustainability' has been launched at the Centre for History and Economics, King's College, University of Cambridge, UK. The History and Sustainability project seeks to bring together environmental, economic and social historians, historians of political thought, anthropologists. The project also seeks to build links between different educational providers within and without academia, in developing the study of History and Sustainability. The website provides links, resources, papers, course profiles and research and events news in the UK and international community for environmental historians and sustainability studies.

Gaylord Nelson and Earth Day
A website on the making of the modern environmental movement:

Environment & Society Portal

Environmental History Resources
This website is maintained by Dr. Jan Oosthoek, an environmental historian based at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.
This website is intended to provide resources and information for scholars, students and anyone interested in environmental history. The site covers a wide range of topics reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of environmental history, including landscape history, forestry and land use, pollution and ideas and perceptions of nature.

Network in Canadian History & Environment

Forest History Society

The Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University

Center of the American West, University of Colorado

Environmental History at Georgetown University

Trading Consequences
The "Trading Consequences" database and visualization tools allow researchers to explore the history of 19th-century commodities and commodity trading. Drawing from over 170,000 documents, Trading Consequences pulls geographic and date Info. related to nearly 2,000 commodities and displays them in a variety of novel, interactive and complementary ways, including time series, word clouds and geospatial maps. Four search engines allow users to identify the changing relationships between commodities and their sites of production and consumption over time, while at the same time providing greater context by exploring the specific context of those relationships in the sources themselves. You can begin to explore Trading Consequences by clicking on the link below and scrolling down to select one of the four search engines. Let us know what you think!

National Park Service - History Reports

National Park Service - Marsh/Billings/Rockefeller Park

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