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award and fellowship committees 2019-2020


award committees

George Perkins Marsh Prize Committee for best book:

Committee Member                                          Term Ends

Katherine Morrissey, University of Arizona, Chair 2021

Andrew Needham, New York University 2022

James Rice, Tufts University 2020 and 2022-2023

Kate Brown, University of Maryland Baltimore County 2021-2022

Alice Hamilton Prize Committee for best article outside the journal Environmental History:

Committee Member                                                    Term Ends

Matt Klingle, Bowdoin College, Chair                       2020

Jessica van Horssen, Leeds Beckett University           2021

Molly Warsh, University of Pittsburgh 2022

Rachel Carson Prize Committee for best dissertation:

Committee Member                                                         Terms Ends

Joanna Dean, Carleton University, Ottawa, Chair 2021

Kendra Smith-Howard, University of Albany-SUNY 2021

Edward Melillo, Amherst College 2022

fellowship committees

Hal Rothman and J. Donald Hughes Fellowships Committee:

Committee Member                                              Term Ends

Amber Roberts Graham, University of Kansas, Chair 2020

Adam Sundberg, Creighton University                    2021

Debjani Bhattacharyya, Drexel University 2022

Samuel P. Hays Fellowship Committee:

Committee Member                                                         Term Ends

Tina Adcock, Simon Fraser University-Canada, Chair     2020

Emily Brock, Independent Scholar                                   2021

Karl Appuhn, New York University                                   2022

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