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Course Outlines - Graduate and Undergraduate


The Syllabus ProjectDiversifying the Environmental History Syllabus 

Sustainability Course Materials (related to discussion at Sustainability Workshop at ASEH's 2016 conference in Seattle):

20th Cent. Syllabus_Hist_of_American_Sustainability_Ideas_Feldman.pdf

Introduction to Sustainability

Energy and Sustainability

Energy and Sustainability Article Assignment

Energy and Sustainability Discussion

   Teaching Unit - Better Living Through Chemistry click to learn more

The materials provided here were developed from a workshop titled "Toxic Environments/Toxic Bodies," which took place at ASEH's Baton Rouge conference in March 2007. They include a transcript of the workshop and two teaching units: one for undergraduate students and one for high school students. An introduction to the teaching units, instructions, and historical documents are provided here. This project was funded by the National Science Foundation.

   Teaching Unit - Intermountain West  click to download

With support from the Charles Redd Center for Western Studies, Boise teacher Liz Caughlin attended ASEH's 2008 conference and worked in coordination with the ASEH Education Committee to develop a teaching unit that explores the historical interaction between people and nature in the Intermountain West. Caughlin will implement this unit in early 2009 and plans to share her results and student projects with ASEH at that time. 

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