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Women’s Environmental History Network (WEHN)

The Women’s Environmental History Network (WEHN) organizes a networking reception to celebrate the contributions of women and underrepresented groups to environmental history, and to build lasting scholarly networks. Here is a slideshow of just some of the recent work by women in our field.

WEHN is a vital part of ASEH that provides a welcome space (both figuratively and literally) in which newcomers to environmental history have an opportunity to meet with and network with senior scholars in the field - and this has proven especially valuable for young women who are seeking role models as they chart their professional paths.

WEHN completed the informal survey of publications that revealed significant and unexpected disparities in publication rates between men and women. This can serve as a tool for editors to review their procedures for soliciting/reviewing/accepting material for publication in order to identify barriers to more balanced publication results. At the same time, it serves as a tool for all senior scholars to focus on how their students and mentees navigate the publication process in order to bring the best research to the fore across the board.

Though affiliated with ASEH, WEHN maintains connections with ICEHO and other environmental history organizations and conferences.

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