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ASEH is excited to announce Environmental History Week 2021!


Environmental History Week is an international celebration of environmental history, organized by environmental historians of all stripes to foster scholarly collaboration, academic research, teaching and public awareness of environmental history.  Environmental History Week is April 19-26, 2021. 

Environmental History Week events can take many forms. In person, face-to-face events could be all-day mini-conferences; environmental history lectures on a campus or at a public library or museum; student presentations at a student research symposium; film series with audience discussions; field trips or tours, or hands-on projects in collaboration with non-profits in your area; or a teacher training program for local K-12, community college, or graduate students. Digital events could be virtual conferences conducted on an online, video conference platform; streamed films with online discussions; self-guided field trips; or a virtual museum exhibit. Programs for all audiences are welcome. If you have other ideas for events, please share them. 

Please promote your events with the hashtag #EHW2021.

Check back here for details on ASEH-sponsored events happening in your area, or sign up to create your own event! 

Guidelines for creating events: Be open. Be creative. Be green. 

Have questions? Visit Environmental History Week Frequently Asked Questions, and this Guide to Best Practices for Planning.


Environmental History Week Events

No events available

Past events

April 30, 2021 Oceans & History: International Commission for the History of Oceanography (ICHO) Meet & Greet
April 30, 2021 Double book launch: Conflict, borders, and the nature state
April 29, 2021 Teaching the Energy Transition
April 29, 2021 Young Rae Choi on "Getbol: A Sticky History of South Korea's Beloved Mudflat, 1950s – Present"
April 29, 2021 15th International ANAMED Annual Symposium - Winds of Change: Environment and Society in Anatolia
April 28, 2021 'In search of the nature cure: A cultural history of wellbeing and ecology'
April 26, 2021 ASEH Graduate Student Caucus Reception
April 26, 2021 ANZEHN happy hour & YouTube video launch
April 26, 2021 ASEH Video Lightning Round Watch Party and Discussion
April 26, 2021 Envirotech 2021 Spring Meeting and Roundtable: “Beyond the Boundary”
April 26, 2021 New Approaches to Political Ecology
April 26, 2021 Slow Violence in the Environmental Humanities: A Roundtable
April 26, 2021 Defining Applied Environmental Humanities
April 25, 2021 Modern Industrial Natures in Twentieth Century East Asia
April 24, 2021 ASEH 2021 Presidential Address and Business Meeting
April 24, 2021 Pre-Presidential Address Meet and Greet Social
April 24, 2021 War and the Environment: A State of the Field Discussion
April 24, 2021 Teaching Water and Environmental Justice: From the Great Lakes to Latin America
April 23, 2021 Capitalism and the Environment
April 23, 2021 Energy History Happy Hour
April 23, 2021 Megan Black: "The Global Interior"
April 23, 2021 ASEH 2021 Distinguished Career in Public Environmental History Winner
April 23, 2021 New Books in the Nature | History | Society series published by UBC Press
April 23, 2021 New Approaches to East Asian Environmental History
April 23, 2021 Abalone, kelp, and sea otters: history’s crucial role in understanding West Coast marine ecosystems
April 23, 2021 WEHN Networking Panel: Intersections of Disability and Environmental History
April 23, 2021 Promoting Your Book in a Pandemic: A Roundtable with Writers and Publishers
April 23, 2021 WEHN networking panel: Teaching and Working at High Schools and Community Colleges
April 23, 2021 WEHN networking panel: Diversifying the Canon/Graduate Teaching
April 23, 2021 Peatland in Russia: An Environmental History
April 22, 2021 Big Bend National Park (TX), Mt. Rainier National Park (WA), McLaughlin Mine (CA)
April 22, 2021 Women's Environmental History Network Happy Hour for Newcomers
April 22, 2021 Intersections with Environmental History: NEXUS Authors Roundtable
April 22, 2021 A Damming History: Cultural and Ecological Consequences in Egypt and Pittsburgh
April 22, 2021 Carceral Environments Roundtable
April 22, 2021 "Pale Blue Dot": A Roundtable Discussion with Ohio State Faculty about How Environmental History Can Help Us Address Pressing Planetary Problems
April 22, 2021 ASEH 2021 George Perkins Marsh Prize Winner
April 22, 2021 Environmental History at Auburn University
April 22, 2021 Kumeyaay Land Defenders Roundtable
April 22, 2021 Learn, Think, Act: Environmental History and Activism
April 22, 2021 Roundtable: "Urban Public Health and the Fight Against Lead Poisoning: Implications for the Age of the Coronavirus"
April 22, 2021 Public Historians and Research on Contaminated Sites
April 22, 2021 The Ecology of Economic Thought II
April 22, 2021 Urban Environmental Justice: Learning from and with Activists
April 22, 2021 WEHN Networking Panel: Inclusive Environmental History in the Undergraduate Classroom: An Informal Conversation
April 22, 2021 Climate in Context: Historical Precedents and the Unprecedented
April 22, 2021 Katharina Scharf on "Environmental Women: Case Studies from Germany and Austria"
April 21, 2021 Taking the Temperature of Environmental History with the Alice Hamilton and Leopold-Hidy Prize Winners
April 21, 2021 ASEH 2021 Distinguished Scholar Award Winner
April 21, 2021 Turning Environmental History into Action: Discussion in Honor of Environmental History Week
April 21, 2021 WEHN Networking Panel: Public History
April 21, 2021 Publishing and Editing Multi-authored Volumes
April 21, 2021 #FlipTheList Hangout
April 21, 2021 Postcards for Unstable Times: Environmental Narratives of Change and Crisis
April 21, 2021 Problems of Place: A Conversation on Community, Connection, and Belonging
April 21, 2021 The Ecology of Economic Thought I
April 21, 2021 WEHN Networking Panel: Women and Environmental History in the South
April 20, 2021 ASEH 2021 Rachel Carson Prize Winner
April 20, 2021 Getting Published in Environmental History
April 20, 2021 History of Ocean Science, Technology and Medicine Working Group Meeting
April 20, 2021 Environmental (Art) History @ the University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
April 20, 2021 Food, Agriculture & Sustainability SIG Meeting
April 20, 2021 ESEH Environmental History Today: A more-than-human history of the (de)peasantisation of the páramos around Bogotá, Colombia.
April 20, 2021 Environmental (Hi)stories From Home
April 20, 2021 Rachel Carson Center: Tuesday Discussion with Sophia Guttenberger (Umweltinstitut München)
April 20, 2021 PhD-Workshop and Keynote: Austrian Environmental History
April 20, 2021 Modern global environmental agenda: problems, challenges, prospects, experience of Ukraine
April 19, 2021 Transformative Histories: Connecting Science, Weather and Environmental Change
April 19, 2021 Feeding Family and Community: African American Women Farmers and the Long Fight for Environmental Justice in the Midwest, 1790-2021
April 19, 2021 Indigenous Systems of Relationality Across Environmental History and Indigenous Futures
April 19, 2021 Emerald Earth Film Fest and Meet the Filmmakers Series
April 19, 2021 Geography, Geographers and Historians: Territory and Nature in Latin America
April 19, 2021 Publishing Environmental History in Journals
April 19, 2021 The Past (and Future) of American Environmentalism
April 19, 2021 Film Screening and Discussion: "Right to Harm"
April 19, 2021 Research colloquium: John R. McNeill (Georgetown University), Teleconnections of the Industrial Revolution: Global Environmental History, ca. 1780-1920
April 19, 2021 Greenhouse Environmental Humanities Book Talk: Environmental History Panel
April 19, 2021 Per Högselius (KTH Stockholm): Why historians of technology and environment can and must engage in the public debate (Usable Pasts I), Berlin Brandenburg Colloquium on Environmental History, Summer 2021 (online)
April 19, 2021 Climate Change, Energy, and Sustainability in the Pacific Region: Knowledge, Policies, and Transfers (1970s – Present)
April 17, 2021 Water from the Wilderness: Hetch Hetch to San Francisco Bay
April 16, 2021 ASEH 2020 Distinguished Scholar Award Winner
April 16, 2021 What's Next for Canadian Environmental History: A Live Podcast Event
April 15, 2021 Marcela Cely-Santos on "Inclusive Vitality: Human-Bee Relationships in the Tropical Countryside"
April 14, 2021 Animal City Fireside Chat
April 09, 2021 The Cosmology of Mining: Ecological Knowledge in Qing China
April 08, 2021 Istanbul Unbound: Environmental Approaches to the City
April 07, 2021 Everyday Energy: Approaches to Lived Experience
April 05, 2021 Diversifying Environmental History on Wikipedia (and Everywhere Else)
April 01, 2021 Online Exhibition: "Weathered History"
April 01, 2021 Hal Rothman Fun(d) Run
March 31, 2021 A talk by Laura Dassow Walls: “A Vast and Indefinite Loss”: Thoreau’s Reflections on Nature and Slavery
March 24, 2021 18th Annual American Conservation Film Festival

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