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Kumeyaay Land Defenders Roundtable

  • April 22, 2021
  • 3:00 PM (EDT)

In a roundtable discussion on April 22 at noon PST, Kumeyaay Land Defenders will reflect on questions of environmental history and justice with regards to:

  • their recent experiences at Camp Land Back to fight the construction of the border wall through their traditional territories and burial sites,
  • relationship-building from SDSU to the Kumeyaay Nation: how that looks from an Indigenous perspective, what that means for the Land Defenders as Indigenous people, and how to make sure that the relationship between academic institutions and Indigenous  peoples comes from a place of understanding and learning.
  • the relationship between the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act and issues of environmental justice, 
  • what the recent change in the US federal administration means for the Land Defenders' work and relations, 
  • the current work in Mission Valley. 

The roundtable will feature SDSU Tribal Liaison and Assistant Professor of American Indian studies Jacob Alvarado Waipuk (San Pasqual Kumeyaay), Jamie LaBrake (Sycuan Kumeyaay), and SDSU student Martha Rodriguez (Baja Kumeyaay), and other Land DefendersOther topics may include why #LandBack is a vital heuristic for our understanding of environmental justice, how Indigenous leadership is central to environmental history and futures in the context of climate change, and what roles allies or accomplices can play in supporting Indigenous sovereignty as constitutive of past, present, and futures of environmental justice.

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