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Have you recently completed a dissertation, published a book, or developed a new public history project? Would you like to showcase undergraduate research projects? Share your work with the environmental history community by creating a 2-3 minute video for a featured Lightning Session. Prizes will be given for best videos in special categories for graduate and undergraduate student research projects, new books, and public history projects, as well as open submissions. We will compile the videos for screening during Environmental History Week!

Deadline for submissions: April 10

Lightning Session Instructions:

  • Create a 2-3 minute video using the platform of your choice. Fill out the submission form and attach the mp4 file to the form.

  • Videos should start with an introduction card showing your name, project title, and Lightning Round category (undergraduate, graduate, new books, public history, open).

  • Video details:

    • Feel free to include a few images, if they help convey your message and orient your audience. Your video need not be elaborate: a simple “talking head” video can communicate your research clearly and compellingly.
    • For best results: use a microphone and good lighting. Check your sound and lighting by making and watching a test recording.

  • If you want ideas on how to structure your presentation, check out these “how to” recommendations on writing a good “elevator pitch” about your research herehere, and here.

Most important, be creative, have fun, and tell the world what you have been working on and why it's awesome.


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