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List of Posters

Nicholas D. Backman, University of Utah – “Environmental Orientalism: Adventure Narratives, Nomads, and Desert Landscapes in Ottoman Arabia and the American West

Amber Bell, Colorado State University – “Historic Mapping of the Colorado River Headwaters

Elizabeth Blomstedt, University of Southern California – “Whose “Carbon Footprint” Exactly?: Teaching the History of Fossil Fuel Companies’ Deceptive Ad Campaigns

John Flynn, University of Utah – “Summit Diplomacy: Sport, Mountains, and Citizen Diplomacy during Soviet-American Mountaineering Exchanges 1974-1989

Minseok Jang, University at Albany, SUNY – “Kerosene is King: Kerosene Consumers and the Antitrust Movement Against Standard Oil, 1859-1911

Stanis Koko, Congolese Press Agency and Benjamin Bankanza Mputela, Wildlife Works Carbon – “Sustainable Consumption And Partial Substitution Of Woodfuel: Improved Cookstoves And Green Charcoal As Alternatives To Traditional Cooking Stoves And Woodfuel

Emily Rabung, The Ohio State University – “Bureaucratic Militarization of the Environment: Implementation of the Endangered Species Act by the Department of Defense”

Robert Suits, University of Edinburgh – “Visualizing Energy History: U.S. Infrastructure, 1800-2023

Emily Lynn Webster, Durham University – “Typhoid, Cockles, and Terrorism: A Public History of Anglo-Irish Typhoid Control in Revolutionary Dublin

Glenn Wolff, Northwestern Michigan College and Lynne Heasley, Western Michigan University – “Dreamscapes, A Laurentian Great Lakes Triptych

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